friendly reminder that watching anime is cultural appropriation unless you’re japanese or animekin  (✿◠‿◠)


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  1. tumblr: We've introduced a new feature that kills your firstborn.
  2. xkit guy: welp, time to program an extension that paints lamb's blood on your sidebar


when you like and reblog your own selfie


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“Suffice to say that the stakes of Homework are important. Not important enough, however, to curb the appetite of Guy-Manuel, who, in this morning’s interview in a cellar vaguely decorated to look like a seventies lounge, wolfs down two chocolate croissants and carefully drinks his Cacolac. Fortunately, Thomas, the tall brunette with curly hair, has already eaten his breakfast and is a little more loquacious.”
— From an interview with Max Magazine, March 1997. Note for Americans: Cacolac is like a French version of Yoohoo. (via one-additional-time)

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